Art Basel in a different light

In his guest contribution for ART[in]CRISIS Charles Mallison presents a photo series taken at the 46th edition of Art Basel.


These photographs were made with a digital camera specially modified to take infrared photographs. With a special filter, almost all visible light is blocked from the sensor and infrared light is let through, creating unusal pictures with special properties. For example, the blue sky appears black, skin becomes very smooth, and foliage turns white. Synthetic fabrics and color dyes also photograph differently under infrared light. I have been taking photographs in infrared for some time now, and I took my infrared camera to Art Basel to see what sort of unusual pictures I could take of the art and of the art world.

Photo credits: Charles Mallison, 2015

Citation: Charles Mallison, „Art Basel in a different light“, in: ART[in]CRISIS, 03. Juli 2015. URL


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